Joseph Tuan Huynh

Joseph  Tuan Huynh

Joseph Tuan Huynh

Radtiation Therapist

Education: College of Southern Nevada

Length of Employment: 1 year

Job Description:
As a radiation therapist I have a direct one on one interaction with my patients in their cancer treatment. The first step in the treatment is preparing them for therapy, and then it is followed by a comprehensive monitoring of their physical and psychological progress. Each patient is treated differently based on their individual needs; I always try my best to ensure that they receive the best treatment possible along with the best comfort that I can give them.

What do you enjoy about SRCC?:
My reason for working at SRCC is a simple one, I wanted to bring the health care knowledge and skill set that I have acquired to the forefront and use it to treat my patients in the best way possible and SRCC is where I am able to utilize my medical knowledge to its fullest extent.