Employee of the Month 2014

February 2014

Robert Dahill, Physical Therapist

Robert embodies the spirit of excellence at Kaweah Delta Health Care District. He is always upbeat and tries to interact with each of his patients. He is willing to see patients on his own time when they cannot afford treatment.  He notices small details in treatment that might affect his patient outcomes and adjusts accordingly. Robert often takes courses online and is constantly learning new techniques that will help both staff and patients. Robert embodies the spirit of excellence at Kaweah Delta Health Care District.

March 2014

Ellason Schales, RN, Float Pool

Ella is an outstanding example of service excellence at Kaweah Delta. She is extremely flexible; serving as a float nurse whose impact can be felt throughout our organization. She is known for being a talented clinician that embodies servitude and compassion. She is gentle while being passionate; efficient while being patient; and professional while exuding warmth. Ms. Schales not only has a can-do attitude, she also backs up her beliefs with follow through and action. Everyone that knows her thinks the world of her and those who don't know her are just missing out.

April 2014

Amanda Bringe, Pharmcist-Clinical

Amanda is versatile and able to work in almost every pharmacist position here at the hospital and other facilities and excels at these positions. She effectively communicates with staff about medications, the appropriate drug, dosing and directions. Her highest priority is verifying patients are getting medications safely. In order to ensure patient safety, Amanda also works on protocols and monographs and builds protocols into the pharmacy system. This helps ensure the correct drug is chosen and the correct IV medication is made properly.

May 2014

Stacey Smith, Charge Nurse, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU)

Stacey is highly competent and well respected within the Critical Care Department. As a bedside nurse, Stacey excelled in her role as a CVICU RN and maintained one of the highest levels of productivity. For these reasons, Stacey was offered and accepted the additional challenge of taking on the role of day Charge Nurse within CVICU, not an easy task. Stacey possesses the ultimate "can do" attitude while taking on all tasks and patients with a positive energy and a smile. Her upbeat personality and engaging personal style enables her to interact effectively with patients, staff and physicians. Stacey Smith is the true essence of nursing and Kaweah Care.

June 2014

Eevai Saesee, RN, 3 North

Many of Eevai's patients enjoy having her as their nurse. She is very helpful and will help without being asked, plus other staff members enjoy working with her. Most importantly, she's willing to grow and learn in this career that she loves. She has also taken leadership in other roles; such as taking nursing students and new hire orientees. Overall, she is always striving to be her best.

August 2014

Melanie Sibbu, Charge Nurse, ICCU 3W

Melanie has a deep desire to improve patient care and satisfaction. She is an outstanding example of professionalism and leadership. She upholds the District’s Behavioral Standards and expects others to do the same. Her genuine concern for patients and staff is her driving force for all that she does.

September 2014

Teresa Kenner- ISS, Application Analyst II

Teresa is assigned to Kaweah Delta Hospice to provide assistance and support related to Suncoast, our clinical documentation and claims/billing system. Teresa's support has been invaluable, and she has helped us navigate through the multiple changes to the system to accommodate Medicare requirements. Her skill and expertise related to computer systems is amazing!  She is always available to help with the many issues and challenges we have with Suncoast, and no matter how many times we call she is cheerful, positive, and calm.

October 2014

Dave Sanbongi, RN, Trauma Program

Dave is absolutely awesome. Whenever there is a need he is willing to jump in and help. He always has the best attitude. He helped coordinate the ducky drop at the golf tournament. He was the first volunteer to show up and the last to leave. He takes personal ownership of his job and even goes above and beyond to help. He keeps us all updated on the number of flights. He went to several presentations when we were raising funds for the helipad. He has the respect of his peers, is very dependable, honest, trustworthy and is just an amazing employee who lives Kaweah Care in his daily life.

November 2014

Christian Cuellar, Environmental Services Aide

Christian is an extremely work-oriented individual who is always willing to go the extra mile with a smile and positive attitude. He is thorough in his job duties and we are very aware when he is not here. He is very professional in appearance and actions and this is on a consistent basis, not just once in a while. With Christian you know the job will get done and your area shines. We look forward to his arrival and truly miss him when he gets pulled to work elsewhere. He is a “ray of sunshine” with n infectious smile that can’t be denied. He is Kaweah Care!

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